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The Tinderbox is a small, earthy business based on herbalism. It evolved from an authentic love of plants, a passion for healing and exploring the myriad ways of creating pure and safe products for family and friends.

In 1982, there were very few natural products on the market. We opened a shop in the township of Balingup West Australia; an unusual shop as people discovered. The business blossomed as more people came to the Tinderbox to try these pure plant products that really seemed to work. Through positive word of mouth and no advertising, the business grew "organically" from strength to strength, reaching more concerned and discerning people through select, compatible outlets; mainly health stores.

The commitment to use only quality ingredients from the plant world and to ensure the end product is not corrupted with any hidden chemical additives has remained a salient objective of the business to this day.

Being in the Tinderbox can ignite a spark of knowing, like tuning in to a common wellspring of plant lore that is inherently part of being human. Somehow people recognise this when they smell and feel the products; it is like they could have made them themselves, so familiar are they. Indeed, plants do possess a biochemical intelligence that speaks directly to the human organism. It is this symbiosis between plants and humans that we explore and develop.

The Tinderbox range includes: a comprehensive range of herbal teas for most common ailments and simple enjoyment, gorgeous skin-care products, herbal remedies for effective and simple home treatment, home accessories, natural incense, seductive, pure plant perfumes, a delicious gourmet collection, divinely smelling massage oils for every type of use, aphrodisiac and pregnancy products as well as aromatherapy options.

These are no ordinary products, but an "experience" of healing and well-being at affordable prices.

Each product has been created with herbs whose healing principles we have grown to understand. We care about the ingredients being of the highest quality and with high standards of quality control, we ensure that the herbs we use are clean and fresh, with their colour and aroma still intact; thus their medicinal and cosmetic values are conserved. Utmost consideration is given to the inherent potential of each herb plant.

Every botanically-based product is hand-made in small batches; so we do not resort to the usual odious preservative systems that can be potentially hazardous to your health. We try to use organic products wherever possible. Quality is the salient objective over quantity. It is all beautifully packaged in recyclable containers. We use a lot of blue glass; which is the most healing and protective colour for vessels containing fragile botanicals.

For a long time, people have relied on the fact that the Tinderbox produces the purest of products based only on ingredients from the plant world with no artificial additives, colour or "hidden extras". So why does the Tinderbox use botanicals in an industry so reliant on static synthetics? Synthetic or inorganic substances are not dynamic; they do not contain any "life-force", the impulse found only in living things. Everything is made of chemicals, but organic substances like essential oils have a structure, which only Nature can put together.

The Tinderbox team is committed to species preservation and has been involved in local conservation projects at a high level over the years. We believe that humans occupy an important part in the intricate web of life that is not at the apex of creation but deeply interconnected with all animal life. All Tinderbox products are 100% Cruelty Free. Most products are vegan-friendly, with only some ointments, balms and herbal remedies containing beeswax or honey.

Over time, we have gathered hundreds of unsolicited testimonials affirming the herbal integrity and life-force inherent in our products. This is indeed gratifying and we continue to listen closely to our customers to evolve with their needs.