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Tinderbox is committed to using only quality ingredients from the plant world and the end product is not corrupted with any hidden chemical additives.

The Tinderbox range includes: a comprehensive range of herbal teas for most common ailments and simple enjoyment, gorgeous skin-care products, herbal remedies for effective and simple home treatment, home accessories, natural incense, seductive, pure plant perfumes, a delicious gourmet collection, divinely smelling massage oils for every type of use, aphrodisiac and pregnancy products as well as aromatherapy options.

These are no ordinary products, but an "experience" of healing and well-being at affordable prices.

Interesting facts about Tinderbox products:

- Every botanically-based product is hand-made in small batches; so we do not resort to the usual odious preservative systems that can be potentially hazardous to your health.

- Organic products are used wherever possible.

- It is all beautifully packaged in recyclable containers. We use a lot of blue glass; which is the most healing and protective colour for vessels containing fragile botanicals.

- Tinderbox skincare products are absolutely not tested on animals, nor do we use any animal-derived ingredients (except honey in the Face Scrub). All Tinderbox products are 100% Cruelty Free. Most products are vegan-friendly, with only some ointments, balms and herbal remedies containing beeswax or honey.

- When you order from Tinderbox, the products are packed in re-used, recycled or biodegradable packing material.


OUT NOW - Reincarnated Specialty Teas - Aphrodisi, Memory, Yummy
$42.00 (60g, 70g, 70g)

Tinderbox has been improving its range of specialty teas and they are now available here at cheekyherbs.com and specialist retailers.

Aphrodisi Tea 60g: Share this sexy tea with your lover to lend passion and power to the act of love; heightening your sensual awareness. Here is a wholesome blend of herbs with added dehydrated mango.

Memory Tea 70g: Drink this brain-loving tea to enhance the learning environment of the mind, reducing unbidden chatter to augment focus and study skills. An improved recipe which includes lemon balm.

Yummy Tea 70g: A gourmet blend of delicious herbs to please your taste buds while strengthening your body. While this improved recipe still features echinacea, it also has dehydrated blueberry, mango and pear for added yumminess!

Watch this space - there are two more brand new teas to be added to the range: Green Tea Herbal Fusion and Tranquility Tea.

For more information go to our Herbal Tea page, or buy all three right here.


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