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St John's Wort has been used for various ailments since the times of the ancient Greeks - Hippocrates was one of the first to document its therapeutic use.
Its yellow flowers exude a red sap when crushed, and in homage to St John the Baptist who was beheaded on the day that the plant is in full northern hemisphere flower (June 24), the plant became known as sancta Ioannis or St John's Wort.
The oil infusion of St John's Wort is made by steeping the fresh flowering tops in a quality vegetable oil. Australian grown and processed, Tinderbox St John's Wort Oil is infused in cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. The must-have for those who love to blend at home, St John's Wort adds healing oomph to any collection of base oils.

Click on the image below for purchasing information or go to this month's newsletter for more information on St John's Wort and some massage oil blend recipe ideas using St John's Wort Oil Infusion.