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Essential Oil: Manuka | Herb: Liquorice

Essential Oil: Manuka | Herb: Liquorice

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New monthly newsletter
Welcome to Tinderbox

WELCOME to Cheeky Herbs, the new monthly newsletter from Tinderbox.
Each issue you will find useful information on herbs and essential oils, plus be the first to know of pending Tinderbox product releases and be privy to exclusive offers.
Tinderbox evolved from an authentic love of plants, a passion for healing and exploring the myriad ways of creating pure and safe products for family and friends. Our range includes herbal teas, skin-care products, herbal remedies, home accessories, natural incense, pure plant perfumes, gourmet seasonings, massage oils, aphrodisiac and pregnancy products plus aromatherapy options.
We hope you enjoy your foray into the world of Tinderbox - healing humans with plants.
- Rob Troeth and Cassandra Menard, Tinderbox owners.

New Product
Equanimity Clearing Spray
Open your heart and mind

THE BUDDHA described a mind filled with equanimity as ‘abundant, exalted, immeasurable, without hostility, without ill-will.’
This quote that has lasted the ages was the inspiration behind the newest product in the Tinderbox stable, Equanimity Clearing Spray.
Part perfume, part body spray and part home accessory, Equanimity Clearing Spray is the first in a new generation of products for the body and soul.
Equanimity is made with the focussed and cultivated intention of unconditional love. Each bottle is ritualistically bestowed with the blessings and chants of well-being for all sentient beings.
Equanimity Clearing Spray is a pure botanical spray that is designed to intentionally clear negative energy blocks in your home or workplace and create positive calmness, balance and equanimity.
The product protects you from conflict and aggression, improves the overall well-being of relationships and fosters loving acceptance. More than just a lovely-smelling room spray, this is a meaningful way to create a more vibrant, happier space.
Equanimity creator and Tinderbox co-owner Cassandra Menard says any product that is naturally scented, such as Equanimity, does much to ensure that vital body processes are triggered in a natural and gentle way.
“All aroma molecules affect a variety of body functions, our nervous system, hormones, body temperature, insulin production, stress, repulsion, sexual arousal and sex including conscious thought and reaction,” she says.
“Only real botanical substances are truly compatible with our olfactory (smelling) system and gain easy and safe access into the intimate arena of our body responsible for our feelings and memory.”
Equanimity is available now from Tinderbox retailers and online at www.cheekyherbs.com.

Essential Oil of the Month

New uses for an old tree

MANUKA is one of the youngest entries in the book of aromatherapy, as its uses in aromatherapy were discovered quite recently.
But its medicinal uses were known long ago among the original inhabitants of New Zealand, to which this tree is native.
The plant was valued for its medicinal properties and wood by the indigenous Maori people; the wood was utilised for gardening tools, fishing, housing structures and weapons.
Captain James Cook used the leaves of the plant as a tea to combat scurvy during long explorations of the southern hemisphere; early European  settlers of New Zealand adopted Captain Cook’s use of the plant as a tea.
Manuka Oil is 20-30 times more active than Australian Tea Tree Oil for gram positive bacteria, and five to 10 times more active for fungi. Concentration and potency varies with the height of the tree.
The Maori crushed Manuka leaves to apply as a poultice for many skin diseases. The leaves were directly applied to wounds and deep gashes to enhance healing and reduce the risk of infection.
Leaves and bark were boiled together, and the warm liquid was rubbed on stiff backs and rheumatic joins. The leaves and young branches were put into vapour baths.
Manuka oil is beneficial for people with over sensitive nervous systems and those who suffer from stress and anxiety, conditions that often manifest themselves in allergic reactions.


Fungal Infections and Nail Bed Infections
Apply a few drops of pure Manuka Oil with a cotton ball, twice daily. Continue to apply for five days after visible signs of infection have gone.
Athlete’s Foot
Apply a few drops of Manuka Oil with a cotton ball, twice daily. Continue to apply for five days after visible signs of infection have gone.
Foot and Body Odour
For foot odour, rub Manuka Oil or Manuka Cream into feet three times per week. Also protects against fungal infections.
Insect Bites and Stings
Apply Manuka Oil to help relieve itching and inflammation and prevent infection.
Aching Muscles and Joints
Add a few drops of Manuka Oil to a Carrier Blend and massage into tired and aching muscles and joints.

What Herb is That?
Roman legions stood by this elixir of life

LIQUORICE is a very special plant with many healing properties. The root is anti- inflammatory and protects mucous membranes.
The rejuvenating and nutritive properties have made it one of the most universally consumed herbs; widely used in eastern and western herbalism.
Since earliest recorded history, liquorice has been valued as an aphrodisiac, beautifying agent, used for vitality, and longevity, often called an elixir of life.
The earliest clay tablets found in Mesopotamia, tell of liquorice as a panacea potion. It is one of the oldest and best-known remedies for coughs and chest complaints. The herb is also used to counteract serious allergic reactions and to treat rheumatoid arthritis.
It is a superb herb for the all parts of the gut, treating stomach ailments such as gastritis. Liquorice (tea) may alleviate colic, the symptoms of colitis and “cleanse” the colon plus alleviate nausea.
It contains a unique substance called glycyrrhizin; by analysis found to be 50 times sweeter than refined sugar.
The glycyrrhizin has no calories, but the natural liquorice root (from which the glycyrrhizin comes) does contain a few calories due to the presence of a very small amount of dextrose (1.4 per cent) and sucrose (3.2 per cent). This sweetener can be utilised by diabetics.
Modern herbalists use it to treat adrenal insufficiencies such as hypoglycaemia and restimulating the adrenal cortex after steroid therapy. Liquorice has been used for menstrual difficulty and hormonal imbalance.
It is also used to calm the mind, nourish the brain and increase cranial and cerebrospinal fluid, and to benefit vision, voice, hair, complexion and stamina.
Ten different bioflavonoids have been found in liquorice that has an effect of strengthening the immune system, fighting cancer cells, and protecting from cancer.
Liquorice stops the production of toxic free radicals, alleviates depression, counteracts stress and improves memory.
Roman legions considered liquorice an indispensable ration. It was said soldiers could go up to 10 days without eating or drinking as the liquorice properties helped to build stamina and energy, which allayed both hunger and thirst.
Ancient Hindus believed it increased sexual vigour when taken with milk and sugar. In Ayurvedic medicine, herbs were used to eliminate excesses, plus strengthen deficiencies, restore and rejuvenate. 

Fact File

Name: Liquorice
Latin name: Glycyrrhiza glabra
Actions: Anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, tonic stimulant for adrenal cortex, lowers blood cholesterol levels, soothes gastric mucous membranes, anti-allergenic, cooling, expectorant. Liquorice works on the digestive, respiratory, nervous, reproductive and excretory systems.
Did you know? In 1305, King Edward I placed a duty on liquorice sales to help finance the repair of London Bridge.

Coming Soon
Shampoo & Conditioner Range

Hair care to benefit wildlife

JUST by washing your hair you could soon be helping to save injured and orphaned wildlife.
Tinderbox will release its new shampoo and conditioner range just in time for Christmas, with $1 from every Wildlife Care Fund label (returned to place of purchase) going directly to those who care for and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife.
Exquisitely hand-drawn Australian native animals iconise each of the four hair-care products, which are rich in hair- beautifying botanicals.
The Tinderbox hair care range contains no harsh chemicals, no toxic preservatives, no petro-chemicals, no palm oil, no animal derivatives and no artificial fragrances or colour.
Products are: Apple and Rooibos Shampoo for Dry Hair; Chamomile and Green Tea Shampoo for Normal Hair; Witchazel and Raspberry Shampoo for Oily Hair; and Honey Myrtle Conditioner for All Hair Types.

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