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The fragrant ritual of a healing bath

The fragrant ritual of a healing bath

Bathing: the fragrant ritual

Immerse yourself in liquid love

WHAT COULD be more comforting and relaxing than a hot scented bath?

To step into the steamy, perfumed heat and feel the water envelop our aching body is more than just therapeutic, it can be a spiritual experience. We feel our whole being breathe a sigh of relief and release.

We cleanse away the day’s stress, ridding us of external bacteria and dirt that we pick up throughout the day and the toxins that our bodies naturally release through our skin.

The act of cleansing the body also helps us clear our thoughts, emotions and elevates our spirits.

It is such a simple thing to do, yet so effective; as we meditate, reflect and purge any negative vibrations that might be clinging to us on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

When any worrisome thought arises in the mind, we feel it slip away into the water and allow the water to transform the negativity into positivity.

The action of specific aromatic essential facilitates this process naturally and easefully.

We allow our senses not our thoughts to prevail, both the physical ones and the non-physical ones.

We smell the essential oils as they unfurl their healing molecules into the vaporous air sensing their energy as we inhale and taste the feeling of the steam rising from the water.

As the water is running, we shift our mindset to an uplifting space filled with love and gratitude and send this or project this into the water itself.

Water is laden with energy and vibration, with the ability to respond to the world around it on an energetic level.

Some researchers, such as Masaru Emoto have demonstrated how water responds to external stimuli with simple words of love, and gratitude.

This is why it is important to infuse only positive thoughts and words because this will be the energy into which we will be immersed.

Feel the love, feel the relaxation, feel the energy transform our pain as we simply be in this healing space that is a scented bath.


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