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Beyond the Valentine | Love: A Many Splendored Thing

Beyond the Valentine | Love: A Many Splendored Thing

Beyond the Valentine

Expanding the heart zone

The heart chakra corresponds to the air element and its expansion lets us accept the oneness of life.
The nature of the heart chakra ‘Anahata’ is unconditional love and compassion, reflecting a kind of loving equanimity in regard to the complex interrelationships of all beings.
Anahata means “unstruck”, a sound that is made without two things striking and in its pure balanced state, free of sorrow, it is indeed our centre of peace; fresh, innocent and radiant.
This vortex of energy is located at the base of the sternum and relates to the thoracic spine, the heart, lungs, thymus gland and the spleen.
Anahata is assigned to the hands and to the sense of touch, which represents the ability to make contact with others. It also aligns to the qualities of openness, self-acceptance and self-confidence, as well as the ability to have deep relationships, to be loved and to be devoted. All these aspects speak of the love for life and a penetrating awareness of the sacredness of all things.
The ancients described the heart chakra as a plant, like the lotus.
When this chakra is closed the lotus droops downwards but when it opens it is like an open flower that is turned upward, receiving light from the sun.
According to the Taitiriya Upanishad, the heart represents the part of us that informs and guides our attitudes and behaviour, prompts our actions and gives life a sense of meaning and purpose.
More simply put, the heart is the seat of the soul, our spiritual centre; where our passions, longings and potential for happiness and joy reside.
Opening the heart chakra requires us to see the world in terms of relationships that transcend ego and allow us to loosen our self-defined boundaries to merge into precious Love energy that perceives the world in its unity, not its separation. This includes a deep spiritual connection with Nature.  
In fact it is here in the heart zone that we experience our “affinity” with plants; a vibrational bonding that occurs because of the intrinsic fit we share with their atomic structure, a natural tendency to merge and balance our energy with them.
The ability and desire to heal others arises in this chakra when it opens to compassion and connection, and with this comes the impetus to extend our selves out into the plant world to find medicines.
As the great Mystic of the 4th Century St Makarios said: “The heart is the centre of the human microcosm, the meeting place between the human and celestial realms where the spirit resides between the visible and invisible worlds …”

A Many Splendoured Thing

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