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Essential Oil: Niaouli

Essential Oil: Niaouli

Niaouli Melaleuca viridiflora
Other names: Gomenol, broad-leaved paperbark tree, paper bark tea tree
Family: Myrtaceae

Niaouli is a small evergreen tree with papery bark, aromatic leaves and yellow flowers. The essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves and young twigs. The tree is native to Australia, Papua New Guinea and the French Pacific Islands and it is grown in New Caledonia and Madagascar where the oil is also distilled. The healthy air and the absence of malaria in the regions where it is grown are attributed to the pervasive protective scent of this tree. The falling leaves cover the ground and emit their volatile oil like a strong disinfectant and its insect repellent ability making human and animal friendly habitat.

It has a fresh camphoraceous scent that is quite penetrating with eucalyptus-like top notes with earthy and slightly sweet undertones. The aroma softens and marries well with other essential oils, particularly other medicinal and camphoraceous essential oils like tea tree, rosemary and eucalyptus. Niaouli also blends well with essential oils in the wood, mint, spice and citrus families.

Niaouli’s pronounced effect on bacteria certainly accounts for its long history of effective medicinal service for a broad array of ailments. The French called it Gomenol and used it in their hospital obstetrics for its powerful antiseptic qualities. It is sometimes used in toothpastes and mouth sprays. Niaouli is a relative to tea tree and more skin tolerant, and it is an excellent choice for use with respiratory concerns, skin infections and acne. Its vulnerary and antiseptic properties help wounds heal cleanly and quickly. Its gentle action also makes niaouli good in a local wash for thrush and cystitis. It is an excellent expectorant and helpful in steam inhalations and baths for colds, flu, sinusitis and bronchitis. 

Massage niaouli oil into the tips of toes that represent the sinuses in reflexology. Hot compresses of niaouli help to treat boils and large painful acne spots. 

Niaouli is a tissue stimulant that promotes local circulation, increasing white blood cells and antibody activity helping to fight infections. So do add niaouli to massage blends for its pain relieving help for rheumatism, arthritis or neuralgia. Use it at the beginning of illness to fortify the weakened body and boost the immune system. The essential oil also has a tonic effect on the intestines and finds good complementary help for enteritis, dysentery and intestinal parasites.  

Niaouli essential oil is generally not utilized for emotional wellness applications. Due to its cineole content and composition of monoterpenes, however, it is a naturally stimulating essential oil. If it is diffused it will assist in keeping the mind clear and alert, aiding study and focusing on projects. 

Niaouli helps: Bronchitis, respiratory tract disorders, influenza, sinus congestion, sore throats, catarrh, coughs, colds, uterine infections, rheumatism, muscular injury, rashes, acne, herpes, wounds, cuts, grazes. 

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