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Foot care - Plant one foot at a time

Foot care - Plant one foot at a time

'The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground' - Buddha

Plant One Foot at a Time

WE TAKE our feet for granted most of the time, yet they are the foundation for our body and their healthy function is foundational in how we live our life.

So often we have our eyes set ahead of us into the future that we fail to celebrate the here and now with our feet firmly planted in the earth.

We can miss the present moment when we fail to perceive groundedness and support through our foothold on the earth. Earth energy grounds everything in the bedrock of physicality and primal instinct.

Foot pain is most certainly a wake-up call for us to attend to our relationship with the earth in the present moment.

It also makes stepping out or stepping forward very hard to do and can prevent us from progressing in life or standing ‘on our own two feet’.

Our body’s intelligence speaks to us through our feet if they are aching or we suffer from foot injuries, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs or fractures; at the core of all painful experiences lies a seed of self-awareness and personal growth.

It is a very good idea to pay our feet some tender attention through herbs, oils, massage, treatments and correcting the way we connect with the earth.

The foot is like a microcosm of the macrocosm of the body, which is a reflexology map of trigger meridian points that reflect back into the greater ecology of the whole body.

Accordingly, we can treat all body parts, including the interior organs, by practicing focused foot care with herbs, plant oils, massage and foot baths.

When the feet are comfortable and functioning well, this feeling of well being is translated to the entire body. How easily we can testify to this when we wear uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes.

Massaging the feet with specific efficacious plant oils can definitely treat foot pain quickly and easily.

Take advantage of massaging essential oils onto reflexology points on the feet, such as the inner arches for digestion for example, or the toe-tips for sinusitis.

Using essential oils on feet is also great for young children and people with sensitive skin, because the soles of our feet have thick skin, in fact five layers for durability and the stronger types of essential oils have less risk of causing sensitivity. 

Essential oils penetrate into the soles of our feet swiftly and efficaciously to be absorbed directly into our blood stream.

If you rub garlic on the foot sole, in a few hours the aromatic constituents can be smelt on the breath. Other quick-absorbing body areas include behind the ear, at the back of the gums and on the wrists.

The particular glands found on the bottom of our feet are particularly absorbent and can quickly pull the essential oils into the bloodstream.

There are no hair follicles to slow down the absorption process of the essential oil but there are 600–700 sweat glands per square centimetre.

In fact, we sweat more profusely through the palms and soles of the feet because they have the greatest sweat gland density.

These particular sweat glands are called eccrine glands and are simple, coiled, tubular glands present throughout the body but they are most numerous on the soles of the feet.

Their presence ensures that the foot is a remarkable interface for aromatherapy that favours thorough entry of plant oils to integrate the entire human body to exert their healing influence.

This is a two-way interface, because the soles of the feet leave scent pheromones behind on the earth - like a smell trail that can be detected by animals and acutely olfactory sensitive people.

Equally, the soles draw in nourishing Prana from the earth itself, when we feel her texture under our bare feet.

Indeed the earth herself gently grounds us when we spread our unencumbered feet mindfully upon her natural surfaces.

As we root ourselves into the gentle, tender and healing Mother earth we draw up the steady fruitful growth of our spiritual nature; rising up to transform our life.

It is important to understand that by making ourselves grounded and whole and learning how to build a firm foundation of health, prosperity and love in our vibratory field, we can stretch out the branches of our blossoming self and directly perceive the rest of existence.

Without firm roots into the living life of earth, we will be blown away in the winds of change.

The very energies that would knock us over and shake us up are in actuality here to fortify us.

The earth’s own pharmacopoeia of plants and their oils can provide us with much assistance to achieve this grounded state.

Get a kick out of pure plant foot care

Ginger & Pumice Foot Scrub 350g - Natural foot exfoliant

Revel in the stimulating and invigorating qualities of ginger, combined with finely ground pumice (soft volcanic lava) for exemplary exfoliation, deep cleansing and moisturising. Experience soft, happy energised feet. This is just what your needy feet were waiting for!

Foot Massage Oil 100mL - For Tired, Aching Feet

Enjoy natural relief from hot, swollen feet and rub that ache away. An aromatherapy foot massage is a highly pleasurable experience as the sole readily absorbs pure essential oils. In reflexology, each part of the foot is aligned to another part of the body and these naturally deodorising and relaxing oils will bring holistic care to your whole being.

Scented Soles Kit - Turn your shoes into a garden

Pleasant plant scent soothes souls like a walk in a fragrant garden. Simply add a few drops of these pure essential oils to the absorbent cards and place in your shoes between use to keep them smelling fresh and clean, naturally. Scented Soles Blend sold separately.

Foot Powder 80g - A treat for feet

An all-natural, fragrant powder to deodorise odorous feet and absorb sweat. An excellent exercise in protective foot hygiene; simply rub into the feet or sprinkle into smelly shoes. Tinderbox powders are made from natural ingredients and are free from magnesium silicate (talc).


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