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Love has a Scent - All About our Aphrodisi Range

Love has a Scent - All About our Aphrodisi Range

Love has a scent

The Tinderbox “Aphrodisi” range honours the true nature of Valentine's Day, urging us to take special time out to celebrate the love we feel for that special other. The day of love may be rendered exceptional with Tinderbox Aphrodisi products that purposefully merge the highest human ideals about love with the sexy instinctual passions.  

Tinderbox Aphrodisi products are delightful multi-taskers; relaxing overwrought nervous systems, energising us when we need stimulating, elevating our mood and restoring authentic joy to the sexual act. They arouse our curiosity to explore and play while always reminding us about the real meaning of love in a sensual sanctuary of gorgeous pure plant scent. Tinderbox Aphrodisi products offer the spiritual being fun and rapturous opportunities to rejoice in being human.  

Get the love juices flowing

One of the key functions of essential oils, when they are produced within the plant itself, is for sex; their erotic smell signals attract pollinating insects or birds to facilitate the proliferation their species. It is the plant’s communicative scent that marks the powerfully procreative juncture where the subtle realms inform the corporal physical world to create new life. Indeed when the essential oils are extracted, we humans too can enjoy and make very good use of their potent aphrodisiac properties. We at the Tinderbox have long understood this remarkable quality and successfully utilised it for many years, concocting unique love potions and philtres. These are aromatic products to assist with attracting a new mate or sustaining the attraction of the mate we already have or perhaps even for evoking within our single selves that glorious state of self-love that expands the heart centre to spread love further afield.  

The foremost erogenous zone 

Natural aphrodisiac smells work through the limbic system; the old mammalian part of the brain that surrounds the brain stem. This is the “animal” instinctive brain that is directly linked to the nose and olfaction and innately responsible for sexual and emotional response. Plant aromas stimulate hormones that trigger all of the physical sexual reactions, but also the feelings associated with sex and love, desires for affection, pleasure, intimacy, “nesting”, joy and that indefinable sensation of longing. Tinderbox luscious libations set aflame the passions of our animal nature to reconcile with the noble and innate human longing for mergence with our higher Self, beyond all opposites, as we are awakened to the divine spark within our partner and ourselves.    

Let memory work for you

Memory is the other important faculty that the limbic brain governs and which is immediately activated with pure plant scent. Each time we consciously generate the romantic fragrant atmosphere or wear the sensual perfume that delights and elevates us, we are creating an anchor point that may be recreated in the future, every time that particular scent is re-smelt. This is why it is so pertinent to carefully consider the aromatic rituals and construct that surround the sexual act and our moments of romantic intimacy. Perfumes, incense, massage oils; baths and aromatising blends made from select aphrodisiac essential oils help out enormously here. They can heighten limbic response in profound and beautiful ways that ensure us a future return to these precious moments and in doing so regenerate and sustain the love and desire we so treasure.

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