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The Tinderbox experience does not begin and end with its stable of natural, pure products.

The gardens surrounding the Balingup store are full of life and detail - from the history-filled original building to the hand-forged wrought iron feature fence to striking garden beds and interesting plants.

The great care and thought that Tinderbox takes to create and package its products also extends to its outside environment. The garden, like any Tinderbox creation, is a dynamic, ever-evolving sanctuary for its hard-working staff - whether it be to sit and appreciate during lunch or simply take in while walking between buildings.

Enjoy this sneak peak behind the gate in the Tinderbox private garden.

Lokha Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings be happy • May All be without suffering
May all think well of one another • May one's destiny be free from sorrow

This mantra is written in three prominent locations about the Tinderbox workspace. Put simply, it means 'May there be an end to all suffering'. It is with this intention with which we design, make, pack and send Tinderbox products, on their way to people's lives and homes.

Spoken audibly or chanted internally, the very sound and vibration of these words sets the stage for our intent and the heart's deepest longing, even if this is sometimes occluded. Even if we arrive at work grumpy, the essence of the mantra can transform our feelings positively.

The very vibration of the mantra can be imbued in each product, rendering them more potent in their ability to touch and change people's lives for the better as they carry with them our authentic blessing for true well-being to be brought about in some small or significant way.