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Raw chocolate

Plant-based delicious desserts

Tinderbox transforms high-grade super herbs and foods into Divine experience with its new range of raw, organic chocolates, herbal power balls and slices of heaven.

What does raw food mean?

'Raw food' literally means 'uncooked'. It is also called 'living' or 'live' whole food. Raw food is special; specifically because it is raw and hasn't been heat-treated. It is complete with everything that enabled it to sprout and grow in the first place: life force, enzymes, water, oxygen, hormones, vitamins, minerals and so much more. It is honest food because what you see is what you get; untouched and untainted. No hidden ingredients, no extra meddling, just pure, fresh, live food that we humans are designed to eat and assimilate.

Living food for living bodies

Some of the raw, certified organic ingredients that Tinderbox uses are:

Acai: a rich source of antioxidants with low GI and high nutrient combination. Tinderbox acai berries are wild-harvested sustainably from the Brazilian tropical palm Euterpe oleracea, which makes these trees more valuable vertical than logged.

Almonds: no pesticides, herbicides, preservatives or heat-treating are involved in the process of these organic, raw almonds which Tinderbox activates before using (as we do with all of our nuts)

Blueberries, Cranberries: High in antioxidants, dried at low temperature and infused with organic apple juice and organic sunflower oil (less than 1 per cent). Cane sugar free and sulphur free (as with all of our dried fruits).

Cacao solids: Fair-trade cocoa beans are low fermented at about 45 degrees and are not roasted before they are processed. They are then turned into 'nibs' by simply removing the skin from the bean. Our virgin cacao butter is made by cold-pressing the cacao nibs to preserve the full vitality of the raw cacao. This butter melts at about 35 degrees. The pressing also yields the cacao powder, the nutrient backbone to any quality dark chocolate.

Chia: Chia is the highest known plant source of Omega-3 and an easy way to add nutrients, minerals and fibre to your diet.

Coconut: Tinderbox uses this sustainable sweetener in many forms. Flakes are simply the flesh dried and chopped, without preservatives, sulphur or sweeteners added. Nectar is produced from the coconut blossoms and is a great alternative for people with fructose sensitivities. Virgin raw coconut oil is a genuine single oil and is cholesterol free and contains no trans fats.

Medjool dates: Unlike the more common variety, medjool dates are large, moist, succulent and sweet. These are sun-dried with no preservatives or additives.

Hazelnuts, Brazil nuts: Just nuts, no preservatives or additives are packaged with the nuts and Tinderbox activates them before using in our desserts.

Lucuma: A Peruvian super fruit that is often a centrepiece fruit in many traditional celebrations because of its nutrient composition and distinct flavour. With 14 essential trace minerals this fruit has a creamy-citrus flavour with a hint of maple and a dash of kumara.

Mesquite: Another South American native that is made by grinding the ripened seed pods of the mesquite tree into a fine powder and used as a natural sweetener that is low-GI and high in protein. A mild nutty flavour with a hint of caramel.

Certifiably RAWsome!

raw balls

Tinderbox treats are raw: all treats are made in temperatures not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.
Ingredients are certified organic
Nuts are activated: by soaking, sprouting and dehydrating.
Vegan • Dairy Free • Egg Free
Gluten Free • Non GMO • Cane sugar free


Only available in our Balingup store. Next time you're in Australia's South West, treat yourself to a trip to Tinderbox (Balingup is less than 90 minutes from Margaret River and 45 minutes to Bunbury and Busselton).

Allergen advice: While all care is taken, Tinderbox treats are made on equipment that also uses tree nuts and soy. While all care is taken, Tinderbox treats that contain dates may also contain date pits.