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We discover ourselves to be that light which has no apparent source, yet is the Source of everything.

Foremost, Tinderbox prescribes to the underlying principal that all people inherently contain within them a spark of the divine, and that we are all biologically programmed to spiritually evolve.

We are born for illumination, even if we are unaware of this intrinsic human impulse, just like a plant, we are all growing towards the light. At the Tinderbox we are wholly supportive of your journey to Self-awakening and hope that we have something inspirational to offer you as help along the ongoing path.Something that encourages you to tend lovingly to the emerging story of your life.

Yes we do make a high quality range of artisanal herbal products with much care and good intention. However that is not all that Tinderbox is about; we very much strive to promote the holistic lifestyle whereby all aspects of the human being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are honoured. Indeed the products are based on the belief that all human beings are their own healers by nature and that they just need to look within to discover the wherewithal in order for healing to occur.

Tinderbox is about transformation; we create pure botanical products that promote a positive shift in your life in some small or significant way, each item mindfully designed to heal the whole person, to nurture, soothe, relax, indulge and elevate the mood and consciousness of the individual. Real healing is about transformation, about making us whole again and a return to whom we truly are.

Tinderbox - harnessing the wisdom and vitality of plants for human transformation.