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Chakras and Aromas

Chakras and Aromas

Chakras and aromas
Transformation with chakras and aromatherapy

THESE days most people are familiar with the basic concept of the human chakra system.
The chakras could be defined as seven focal points of radiant power or vital energy within the subtle body. Each chakra constitutes a precious piece of the puzzle of consciousness.
When we visualise how these whirling vortices of life-force receive, assimilate and express different forms of vital energy, we can learn to trust them as psychic command and control centres to bring every aspect of our life into equilibrium.
Our super-sensitive sense of smell may be used to transform our health and enhance our spiritual journey through aromatherapy for the chakras.
Essential oils are used to activate and balance the chakra system of the body.
These precious oils help maintain the equilibrium and alignment of the chakras with each other.
Aroma facilitates transformation; certain plant scents can tranquilise, calm the spirit, focus the mind for meditation, even ground us and mobilise the transformative powers of will. Aroma can transport one into the desired state of consciousness and recapture this sacred space every time it is used thereafter.
Connecting with our invisible energy centres
IN AROMATHERAPY we use essential oils to exert their psychological and physiological effects on each of the chakras.
 Pure essential oils; the ‘life force’ of plants, all affect the body in a specific or non-specific way, targeting all the body systems with their different medicinal properties.
Absorbed through the skin, or via the olfactory route; they boost the immune system and stimulate the body’s natural defences to prevent or eliminate infections, reduce pain, accelerate healing and generate a sense of well-being in a natural way.
We can connect with each of the seven vital energy centres, or chakras, through the various specific systems and functions of the body for which they are responsible.
Each chakra resides in close proximity to a nerve plexus and its associated hormone-producing endocrine gland, namely the pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, adrenals and the male and female reproductive organs: ovaries and testes.
This is how we can use scent to delve much deeper into not only the physical body, but also the etheric, astral and mental bodies. We know when one of these glands is malfunctioning as certain symptoms occur throughout the body on the physical level and within the mind; nothing surer there will be a plant oil to set things right.
The essence of plants resonates with the chakras
ALL PLANTS and the essential oils that we extract from them are companions to the different chakra to which they have a special affinity.
Every plant scent is a spiritual aid to the different chakra. Our chakras, like any aspect of our selves, are energetic patterns, or vibrations and these patterns can be disrupted, blocked or distorted, manifesting in bodily or mental illness.
Essential oils each have a unique vibrational signature and are capable of restoring harmony and order to the energy of the chakra to return it to a state of health or wholeness.
Like a tuning fork, pure plant aroma has an inherently harmonious and orderly energy pattern/vibration that can help to entrain each chakra back to a well-balanced state.
Each plant oil resonates with a slightly different vibration on a different frequency, and will relate more closely to the ideal energy pattern of one of the chakras. Like any subtle energy method of healing, the user's pure intention is the most important key to making the healing work.
It’s all in the vibration
OUR BODIES, minds and our entire life circumstances are a direct reflection of our energetic patterns.
These patterns determine what we like and dislike, what we attract and push away, what we have and don’t have.
Like a powerful magnet, our energetic patterns pull our lives in a specific direction. The more we resist the pull of our lives, the more our innate energies draw us towards what we are resisting.
In order to change our habits and attract different experiences we must realign our energetic patterns with our original healthy configuration.
Our laboratory of consciousness
USING AROMAS in chakra therapy, our very own body - which is immediately available to us - becomes a laboratory of consciousness; like a field of exploration into the truth of our existence.
Figuratively speaking, our body becomes a temple for open awareness.
The flesh has embodied our mental and emotional history and as long as it is alive, it provides lessons and even opportunities to find freedom and understanding from mental confusion.
For thousands of years, different religions, sects and esoteric schools have explored using scent to deepen their spirituality. Scent is able to help people relax, deepen their breathing and elevate them to a higher plane.
Certainly using scent was recognised as a key to enhancing meditation or prayer practices, where creating mental and physical calm is fundamental.
Aroma brings up ‘stuff’
Humans have the capability to distinguish more than 10,000 different smells. Certain natural plant smell stimulates the unconscious mind so that suppressed mental energy is allowed to surface into conscious awareness where we can deal with it through various spiritual practices and a relaxed witnessing of inner experiences, with the element of controlled awareness.
Remembering past dramas and memories is useless in the psycho-therapeutic process unless emotional energy is released at the same time.
Here is where scent comes into its own; it allows us to consciously relive the experience thereby freeing us from dissipated and non-disintegrated energy that creates pain and suffering.
Stirring up the bottom of the lake . . .
USING scent to deeply relax or stir up excitement in the nervous system can often result in violent outbursts of emotion such as tears, anger, aggression, fear and laughter.
The relaxation of tension in each chakra region of the body allows suppressed energies to be released, bringing with them the conflicts and neuroses from the subconscious and unconscious depths, purifying body and mind.
Aromas can anchor desired states of mind
WHEN inhaled, the molecules from essential oils send signals through the olfactory tract to different parts of the brain such as olfactory cortex, hippocampus, amygdala, and hypothalamus. Many of these brain areas are part of the limbic system. The limbic system is involved with emotional behaviour and memory. That’s why when we smell something; it often brings back memories associated with the object. This is also why aroma can be successfully used for anchoring desired states of mind.
Essential oils alter the way in which sensory impressions are perceived and transmitted to the brain and actually alter what we consider to be real. They change how we see the world - our world-view, which can be of the highest significance for true healing.
Gateway of the breath
SINCE the breath is the primary pathway for Prana, the universal life-force and our spiritual interface with the absolute, the ability of essential oils to assist in breathing is of immense value in all spiritual practice.
It is the breath that must be harnessed, regulated and directed into the different chakras and finally stilled in meditation.
The essential oils tone and fortify the respiratory system, increasing the body’s ability to utilise oxygen and thus harvest more Prana to replenish each chakra.  All the chakras from base to crown are purified and filled with restorative Cosmic energy.
Aroma allows us to see our patterns
SOME scent may catalyse the experience of strange emotions, feelings and thoughts, but these can be kept in perspective and realised as manifestations of the cleansing process.
This happens as we cultivate the witness process and act as a detached witness to all thoughts and emotions.
This process releases poisonous emotional energies, which have created neurotic mental and neuronal mechanisms, which are normally outside our field of awareness.
Combining scent and chakra awareness sends pranic energy directly to the brain and mind, increasing our circle of awareness. This naturally starts to include recognition of our own neurotic patterns.
As soon as we start to become aware of ourselves, we can begin to change for the better.
When sensitivity and awareness both expand; one’s internal vision is expanded and in this way our mental problems can be solved as we can see the source or roots of the problems.
Being fully present
INNER power comes from our capacity and willingness to listen and be receptive to sensations as they arise.
 This means we can learn how to direct our energy and awareness into the relevant chakra.
By paying attention and being fully present to the sensual world brings vibrancy, a sense of play and deep delight.
It allows us to absorb the richness of life as we can then passionately savour each and every experience as it unfolds.
As we develop more understanding of our Self, we will discover that its positive qualities are to overcome all that is negative.
There is a boundless ocean of peace and harmony within our Self.

TARGET an imbalanced Chakra with a corresponding essential oil or blend to assist in regaining balance. Use essential oils in burners, baths or anointed directly onto each chakra’s domain of the body.
DIFFUSE a selection of one or more essential oils beneficial for the chakra(s) you wish to work with. Diffuse the oils while relaxing, meditating or practicing yoga. Or listen to some transformational music.
MASSAGE: Use aromatherapy massage for a very powerful way of connecting with the chakras and helping to unblock energy flow.
MERIDIAN: Use the compatible oils on the well-documented pathways of the Chinese meridian system (used in acupuncture.) These trace the “nadis” or energy pathways of Prana in the subtle body.
COMPRESS: Use the appropriate oils in baths or with compresses over the chakra area.
TOPICAL: Use them through therapeutic skincare by direct topical application.
INHALE: Use inhalation methods especially to enhance decongestion and help respiratory problems.

7: CROWN – Spirituality, connection with higher Self, faith, light, selflessness and inspiration. Domain: Brain, central nervous system, cerebral cortex, and pineal gland.
6: THIRD EYE – Perception, intuition, psychic energy, wisdom and intelligence. Domain: Forehead, eyes, nose, sinuses, teeth, lower brain stem, pituitary gland and nervous system.
5: THROAT – Communication, personal expression, truth, choice and purification. Domain: Throat, mouth, ears, neck, vocal chords, and thyroid and parathyroid, hypothalamus glands.
4: HEART – Love of self and others, compassion, devotion, healing, centredness and hope. Domain: Heart, lungs, breasts, shoulders, thoracic vertebrae, arms, hands, immune system, thymus gland, and vagus nerve.
3: SOLAR PLEXUS – Personal Power, will, ambition, intellect, sense of self-worth, commitment, fear and sensitivity. Domain: Liver, gall-bladder, stomach, intestines, sympathetic nervous system, abdominal viscera, pancreas, feet, and diaphragm
 2: SACRAL – Creativity, desires, sexuality, relationships, adaptability. Domain: Reproductive organs and glands, pelvis, pelvic area, kidneys, bladder, circulatory system and lumbar vertebrae
1: BASE - Security stability, grounding, trust, life force and family, money. Domain: Eliminatory system, anus, large intestine, bones, muscles, teeth, legs, feet and adrenals.

7 -  SAHASRARA (Crown chakra): Overactive: out of touch, ungrounded, epilepsy. Underactive: depression, fear, cynicism. Examples of essential oils to balance: Frankincense, rosemary, myrrh, verbena.
  6 - AJNA (Third eye chakra): Overactive: racing thoughts, hung up on logic, headaches. Underactive: illogical, forgetfulness, vision problems. Essential oils: Clary sage, basil, lavender, niaouli.
5 -  VISHUDDHA (Throat Chakra): Overactive: talking too much, not listening well, sore throat. Underactive: lack of confidence, shyness, asthma. Essential oils: Eucalyptus, lemon, tangerine, clove.
4 - ANAHATA (Heart Chakra): Overactive: too trusting, co-dependent, heart issues. Underactive: distrusting, cold, weak immune system. Essential oils:  Rose, chamomile, geranium, bergamot.
3 - MANIPURA (Solar Plexus Chakra): Overactive: high stress, aggression, ulcers. Underactive: indifference, victim mentality, indigestion. Essential oils: Peppermint, black pepper, carrot, nutmeg.
2 - SVADHISTHANA (Sacral Chakra): Overactive: sexual addictions, creative obsessions, STDs. Underactive: Puritanism, creative blocks, infertility. Essential oils: Juniper, ylang-ylang, cypress, lemongrass.
1 - MULADHARA (Base/root chakra): Overactive: greed, recklessness, hyperactivity. Underactive:  poverty, listlessness, low energy. Essential oils: Patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, cinnamon.
NB: The above is not a comprehensive guide. There are many more aspects of chakra balance and compatible essential oils to explore; if you are interested please refer to the Tinderbox Chakra Companion.

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